Finally, a non-bitumen based, Rubberbond Fleece Back EPDM flat roofing material that expands and contracts without split or cracking... throughout the British seasons. We at EFL Roofing Solutions chose to work with Rubberbond Fleece Back EPDM because of its unique properties of durability and it’ superior quality over all other flat roofing materials. its elasticity, durability and anti-fungal properties make it the number one choice for all flat roofing projects. We carry-out work through-out the South of England, including Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Sussex and of cause London. Much of our work has taken place in the East Anglian cities of Norwich, Suffolk, Ipswich, Peterborough and Cambridge, and much more in the London area.

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The EPDM Division of EFL - Specialist Roofing Contractors are approved certified installers of Rubberbond fleece back EPDM. With our RubberBond Fleeceback coverings, EFL can offer you the permanent solution to your flat roofing problems.

  • Proven to last over 50 Years!
  • 20 Year Insurance backed guarantee, Company Independent.
  • Will not tear, split, crack or get brittle.
  • Tough enough to walk on, build patios on.
  • Cold fixing... No flame torches required!
  • 3 Million Square Feet Manufactured Every Day.
  • Used from Alaska to The Middle East.
  • Tried and tested technology.
  • Moss and Fungi can not feed off it.
  • Stop wasting your money on brittle bitumen based flat roofing materials that crack, split and deteriorate as they expand and contract with the seasons! Our Rubberbond Fleece Back EPDM coverings ‘stay flexible’ all year round.